Boxing King

"Punch the world!" The entire reels of WILD for you, easy for combo winnings! More combo in Free Game will be more multiplier!

Money Coming

"Madness Number Madness Winnings!" Special wheel includes Random odds, Free respin, Lucky wheel, winning is so easy!

Crazy 777

"Special reel brings a whole new experience to the game!" Classic one-line game with the special reel effects, with many special winning point combinations waiting to be discovered! Higher multipliers for double the satisfaction!

Super Ace

"When Super Aces and Golden Cards match and are eliminated, they become Wilds and multiply the Elimination Multiplier winnings!" After activating the Free Game, the Elimination Multiplier bonus will be doubled. Pair with Golden Cards to win endless prizes.

Dragon Treasure

"When the Dragon God attacks, Nothing can escape! Your prizes will be multiplied!" There is a wide range of Dragon Spirit effects to makes you win the treasures. The special effects can be triggered over and over again, the prizes will be multiplied and multiplied again!

Chin Shi Huang

"Brings you supersized board with 4096 paylines!" After matching and eliminating, symbols are replaced for non-stop combination possibilities. Number of rounds and the winning ratio are increased in the Free Games at the same time for endless opportunities to win prizes!

Charge Buffalo

"No limit to the number of Free Games and Wild Card multipliers will be added on level after level!" In addition to the winning points multiplying when Wilds appear, there is no limit to the number of Free Games. Endless prizes waiting for you now!

Shanghai Beauty

"A Beauty from Shanghai, bringing you hearts on large board!" This is a free game with expanded board, for every four hearts collected, the board will expand by one row, up to a maximum of 8x5 in size. Collect more hearts for more chances and more points!

Jungle King

"Explore the Jungle to visit THE KING will waiting for the explorer!" Mystery Symbols will bring many same symbols makes high chance to win. Shoot down the aircraft as many as you can, both multipliers and free spins are increased. Just Do It!

Lucky Goldbricks

Play Midas Touch for the Gold Prize, stack the Gold Prize for winnings that go through the roof! After activating the Free Game, randomly select the Gold Prize in Midas Touch at first, and then start 7 rounds of Free Game. If you get more than 5 Bonus Gold Prize in the Free Game, get even more rounds!

Golden Queen

"Scarabs coming and bring Wilds and Huge Fortune!" Appear one Scarab will spray 5 Wilds, if appear 4 Scarabs that means Full Rewards belongs to you! Golden Queen make you Golden Rich!

Golden Bank

"Mad about the money? The Bonus Game is full of prizes up for grabs!" In addition to the winning points multiplying when Wilds appear, if the Bonus symbol appears in the Bonus Game, you will get additional prizes. There is no limit to how many prizes you can get and no limit to the number of games!

Lucky Chilli

"Collect Chilies to activate more boards, and get a higher matching rate and even more rewards!" Get a specified number of Chillis in the Free Game to activate even more grids and reels, which will increase the winning rate and the reward.

Gem Party

"Gem Party giving you a good time!" Enjoy the thrill of getting endless combinations and endless hits. Collect gems to upgraded boards and Rainbow Party for even better chance of winning big prizes!

Monkey Party

"One reel as Wilds will activate re-spin for Free!" Appear one whole reel of monkeys will activate the re-spin for free until win! Definitely let you take away the Grand Prize! Let's party together!

Jumping Sheep

"Collect as much Sheep as you can for Grand Prizes!" Appear Sheep of different amount will win the five different Jackpots! Easier, Faster, and Grand Prize are unimaginable! Try and experience the cute, charming, and interesting Sheep Slot Game.


"Spin and win a fortune!" When Wild appears on the middle reel and winning, there is a chance to win different multipliers. Fafafa is a simple game with easy rules and high speed!!Win win win all the way!

Xi Yang Yang

"Light up the firecrackers of celebration, paylines of high odds bringing fortune!" Two Fortune Babies will randomly light up the firecrackers around them, with different payline effects triggered as the firecrackers go off. Fortune Babies are adorable, firecrackers bring luck, winning points bring joy!

Bao Qing Tian

"Random swords falling from the sky and whole reels of Wilds waiting for you!" Randomly trigger an entire reel of Wilds, and win 500x the prizes with a whole board of Wilds. Each reel of Wilds triggered in the Free Games will gain +1 extra multiplier.

Crazy Fa Fa Fa

"Just one spin for both boards, winning all the way!" Bet once and the prizes calculated twice. Any Wild winning on one board will show on the other one! Maximum 1688x multipliers there you are destined to be a winner!

Seven Seven Seven

"Classic Slot Game with the ever-popular gameplay!" Now with extra three Jackpots! Pull the lever for the JP Grand Prize every day, JP Grand Prizes up for grabs!

God Of Martial

"High chance to win All-of-a-Kind prizes, get ready to take on the challenge!" Special Battle of Red Cliff mode, greatly improved chances to get Free Games and All-of-a-Kind prizes. All-of-a-Kind prizes with 50x multipliers guaranteed! Up to a maximum of 500x multipliers!

Lucky Ball

"The legendary Mirror Ball is here to bring you great luck!" The Mirror Balls will lock and respin in the feature game and also have a chance to win 2x symbol for all winnings on the board. The final score is the sum of the numbers on the Mirror Balls, maximum 1000x multipliers!

Hyper Burst

"Exceeding the limits, ultimate burst!" The focus of Hyper Burst is Taiji Wild extra free spins. After winning, there is a chance to activate the HYPER TIME mode with free spin til you win maximum 500% points in a single game!

Rock Beauty

"Let's rock! Rock Beauty is here to conquer your heart!" Symbols merged into bigger bigger bigger! Get the full 3x5 heart board in the free game and you will have a chance to win more than 1000x multipliers!

War Of Dragons

"5 Super Powers! Winning fantastic high multipliers!" When 3 Scatters appear on reels 1 to 3 at the same time to activate the Free Game "Realm of Dragon" with a maximum 30x bonus and a prize of 2000x or more waiting for you!

Fortune Tree

"A huge variety of unique games!" Wilds randomly dropped in main games, but Free Games? Dropped Definitely! Choose different lanterns to get different numerous rounds in the bonus game which to collect different-colored piglets to win bigger, try your luck and find the grand prizes.

Feng Shen

Godmaker, 4x6 boards with 4096 paylines! After matching that the spell will create new symbols for nonstop repeated paylines. Winning ratio is increased in the Free Games for endless opportunities to win prizes!

Candy Baby

"Match the candies and win rewards! Match as many as you can to win even more winnings!" The Lucky Reel might be triggered every time you collect 10 Chocolate Balls. The wheel includes 3 feature games that can help you win bigger in one drop.

Fortune Pig

"Collect as many pigs as you can for a higher prize pool!" Collect pigs in the 3x3 board with five different prize pools waiting for you, and large prizes beyond your imagination!

Bubble Beauty

"Mermaid Beauty blowing bubbles! The sexiest sweetheart in history!" A chance to spin out bubbles with points on the reel, win the payline, and gain the extra bubble rewards. When bubbles appear which will move one place to the top at each round until those move out of the board, lots of chances to scored!

Night City

"Wild dazzling nights in Shanghai, expanded Wilds for big prizes, multiplied winning points in every round!" Reward multipliers increase in the Free Game after every round, up to a maximum of 3000 times!

The Queen Slot

" A real-life beauty-themed Slot game." A definite chance for the game symbols to appear as large symbols. Large symbols give you a better chance at winning big payouts and forms the same symbols on all reels with max prizes!

Fairness Games

A classic, famous, and fair guessing game with simple rules in the Blockchain. There are easy-to-understand gameplay, as well as a variety of strategic options with various matching strategies. Through the winning percentage, historical bets make it easier to grasp the winning conditions. Should not be missed!